Adri’s Top 10 iPhone Apps

I have to admit that I am addicted to my iPhone. It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and it’s the last thing I see right before I go to sleep. I probably couldn’t even wake up if it wasn’t for my phone. It just makes life easier in so many ways. Which is why I made a list of the best iPhone apps, according to me, of course, that I know a normal 20-year-old college student would find useful as well.

1. Instagram: Well obviously, Instagram is my #1 app. I just can’t seem to get enough of vintage-looking photographs. It’s so entertaining! I spend hours looking at pictures. It literally changes your life.

2. Twitter: For a social media junkie like myself, Twitter is a MUST. Though I don’t use it as much as Instagram it’s essential when you want to know what’s happening around the world.

3. Song Pop: When I had a 2005 iPod, I used to play this game called “Music Quiz” over and over. Well, Song Pop is SO much better! For music lovers and for everyone -it can help you discover new (and old) music.

4. Pixlromatic: Sometimes you want to edit photos but you don’t want the world to see them. Pixlr-o-matic does that for you. It has many cool effects for your pics.

5. Shazam: Shazam is an iPhone essential! How many times have you heard that song on the radio and fell in love but didn’t know the name or who sings it? Shazam to the rescue! It records part of the song and gives you the name and the singer INSTANTLY, how awesome is that?

6. Google Drive: Just because a pen drive is not good enough for me anymore, Google Drive is. I have all my documents everywhere I go, as long as I have internet connection, of course.

7. inClass: This app is great for college students. It keeps track of your classes, teachers, homeworks, tests and projects. You can even set and alarm. You don’t know how many times it saved me by telling me where my classroom was during the first days of school!

8. WordPress: Because, for us, bloggers, inspiration might hit anytime! So you have to be ready and post from your phone. Oh sweet technology.

9. Logos Quiz: I don’t know about you, but last time I played this I spent hours with a few friends -during class (oops)- trying to figure out the logos. Who knew there were so many brands in the world? BEWARE: It’s highly addictive!

10. Draw Something: I just had to save this spot for my favorite game ever. Even though I suck at drawing and I’m kind of re-drawing the words all over again, I love this game and I can’t get enough of it.

These are my favorite iPhone apps…what are some of yours?

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I'm a 20 year old journalism student living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love chocolate, fashion and the beach.
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  1. Paty says:

    I agree with you…iPhone rocks! It just makes my life easier and living so far away from each other it just bring us together somehow….My favorite apps:
    Pink Pad
    Google maps
    Water free

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