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Do it yourself.

DIY Scrunchie


This scrunchie is super easy to make. All you need is scrap pieces of fabric, a pair of scissors, and a hair tie. I used a little less than 1/4 of a yard of each color, but that depends on how thick the fabric is and how full you want the scrunchie to be.

Esta colita es super fácil de hacer. Todo lo que necesitas son pedazos de tela de cualquier color, tijeras y una colita de pelo. Yo usé un poquito menos de 1/4 de yarda de cada color, pero eso depende en el grosor de la tela y como quieres que te quede la colita.


1. Cut the fabric into little rectangles and cut a tiny hole in the middle of each rectangle. Mine are about two inches by one and a half inches (2in x 1 1/2 in).

1. Corta la tela en rectángulos pequeños y abre un agujerito en el medio de cada rectángulo. Los míos son como de 5 cm por 3cm.


2. Cut the hair tie and string on the rectangles.

2. Corta la colita e inserta los rectángulos. 


3. Tie the hair tie back together and spread out the rectangles.

3. Amarra las puntas de la colita y separa los rectángulos.

4. Wear it.

4. Listo!


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Project Paint-Your-Vans 2

I finally finished my custom-designed ultra-cool ombre vans! It took me only 2 days to do them.. It could have been just one but I started at midnight on Saturday so I had to finish the other shoe on Sunday.

This time I decided on doing something simple – ombre shades of purple. Simple enough for starters (like me), but very nice looking. I used only 2 colors of paint. Dark purple, and hot violet/fuchsia (I don’t really know how to describe it), and mixed them to get the “ombre” effect.

It was SO fun to do. I wore them the next day and got many compliments. They look so fresh and original!

Here are some pics of the process…

First, the paints and the white canvas shoes.

Next, one shoe half done. Notice that I hadn’t mixed the colors just yet.

First shoe done!

 Now the second one..

Final result!

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Project Paint-Your-Vans

Lately I’ve been obsessing with custom-paint vans. I think it’s a great idea to express yourself through your shoes, and sometimes you just can’t find a pair that especifically suits your personality. But that’s no problem! Because you can paint your old Vans, Converse, Keds or similar types of shoes. You just need white tennis shoes, fabric paint, a paintbrush, and a little creativity.

Here I have a few pictures I found on Google while looking for some inspiration. Soon I’ll be posting my own painted shoes and the painting process too. It shall be a fun weekend!

By the way, the shoes I bought for this project are not Vans or Keds. They are a cheap version of those. You don’t need a specific brand to do this! Just buy a pair that fits. The cheaper, the better! (Because you can buy and paint more :))













**These are not my pictures*** I found them on Google :)

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Color Coral

It’s been awhile, a few weeks anyways. College is a busy time, I haven’t quite figured out how to balance everything, but I think I’m getting there, so hello blog!

Here’s a skirt I made over the summer and wore a couple sundays ago. It is deffinitly one of my favorites and I made a blue one for my roommate’s birthday too. This one has a few mistakes with the zipper (I hate zippers) but the blue one came out amazingly.

I went through a coral phase and bought everything in coral, but this skirt tops it all.

Photography Credits: Louise



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Color beads


It’s been a while…but that’s because I’ve been busy making these awesome colorful bracelets. Spring is coming here in Argentina so neon and bright colors are SO IN! Which is why I decided to start making these. They are very easy to make and it’s fun to mix and match all the colors. It’s relaxing!
….. take a look.

(thanks to my friend Meru for the photo above)

Much love, peace and colorful bracelets!


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Flower Mania

Gigantic paper flower mania. I made a million of these to decorate the house and my dorm room and my sister’s room. I loveeeee flowers and I’m obsessed with these huge ones, so I figured the world should know how they’re made.


Materials: A stick, little twigs (mine have flower on the tip), some sort of ribbon or string, 3 or more sheets of tissue paper, tape, and scissors. (Click the image to see it bigger.)


You may need an assistant like this.

Tape the twigs to the end of the stick and cut out flower shapes from the tissue paper. This one has four petals but you can make it with more or less. Also cut a hole just big enough for the stick to pass through in the center.

Take one tissue paper that is cut into a flower shape at a time and tape it at the top of the stick. Arrange the petals anyway you want.

After you taped all the tissue paper, tie a string or ribbon around the top to hide the tape.

The end.

Walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers. They never primp or shop, but have you ever seen color and design quite like it?  The ten best-dressed men and women in the country look shabby alongside them. If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? 

Matt. 3: 28-30 

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Mod Inspired Dress

Maybe you already read in this in the About Us section, or maybe you haven’t, but I’m Julie and I like to design my own clothes. If you can’t find something as beautiful as you want, then DIY.

I have always loved expressing myself through fashion, and I definitely do not think it is about impressing others but about feeling good and comfortable in your own skin. Some people feel comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt while others prefer a dress and heels. I think I fall somewhere in middle (probably leaning more towards the dress and heels.) This next project is actually a dress, though I don’t know what heels to wear with it yet…

This is a mod inspired dress (think Twiggy) with a purple and dark red watercolor flower pattern. I’ve never made a dress before, so wish me luck!!


The fabric:

This is all possible thanks to my wonderful machine that a dear friend of the family gave to me. Thank you Sister Susan! 


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