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Braids Braids Braids

Braids Braids Braids. 

Braids are a great way to make any hairdo more sophisticated. French braids, fishtail braids, braided buns, side braids, all braids, everywhere braids  ect ect ect.

Soooo many options. So to start, here is a superrrrrrr easy half-way up braid look. I’ll be posting more soon. Yes, soooon. I will post often, I WILLL. Someday I’ll get the hang of this.

What you need: Hair brush, hair spray, bobby pins, small tiny elastic hair band, and of course, hair.

1. Take a small section of hair from right above the ear, leaving some hair at the top.

2. Braid it and secure it with a tiny elastic hair band.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Cross the two braids in the back. If your hair is long you may have to wrap the braid around the other some more. Pin it up. It looks best if the pins are hidden.

5. Spray hairspray all around the braids to keep it in place.

SUPER easy and sophisticated half way up look. ;D


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Thursday Brunch

20130609-041208 p.m..jpg

Ate this delicious waffle with strawberries, bananas and honey at an amazing tea house/cafe called Tea Connection in Buenos Aires. Orange juice and coffee added for the perfect thursday brunch!

Me comí un waffle divino con fresas, bananas y miel en un café/casa de té que se llama Tea Connection, aquí en Buenos Aires. Es una franquicia que hay por toda la ciudad y es BUENISIMA! Jugo de naranja y café para el brunch de jueves perfecto!


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Mango Goodness

20130601-035858 p.m..jpg

There’s nothing like a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I learned that from my best friend. Every time I went to her house we had smoothies for breakfast: strawberry, blueberry, banana and my favorite, mango. It tastes like heaven on earth!

The recipe is very simple. Just chop up a whole ripe mango, add some milk and a little bit of sugar (or Stevia, to make it healthier). If you want you can add some ice or some chia/line seeds to make it a power smoothie!

It’s a great breakfast or snack option, make sure to give it a try!


No hay nada como un smoothie de frutas de desayuno. Aprendí eso de mi mejor amiga. Cada vez que iba a su casa nos tomábamos uno de desayuno: de fresa, moras, bananas y mi favorito, mango. Sabe a cielo!

La receta es muy fácil. Solo corta en pedazos pequeños un mango maduro, agrega leche al gusto y un poco de azúcar (o Stevia para que sea más saludable). Si quieres puedes añadir hielo para que quede más espeso y semillas de chia o lino para hacerlo más nutritivo.

Es una excelente opción de desayuno o merienda, no te quedes sin probarlo!


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Hi, This Is Summer

I finally finished my sophomore year of college and a seriously overcommitted and insane semester.  This means it’s time for swimming in lakes, sewing, tanning, actually eating well (no more cafeteria food), and relaxing. More importantly, however, it means this blog will come back to life. No more overcommitting myself, ever.

As much as I wish I were walking the cobble stone streets of Buenos Aires, or visiting my family and eating lots of cheese bread in Brasil, I suppose that Georgia, USA can be pretty decent. Though the vast open spaces and lack of noise sometimes drives me crazy, I think we all need a long stretch of summer full of nothing to do but have walks with dogs that chase squirrels and tranquility.

And so summertime ensues.


Por fin terminé mi 2do año de universidad y un semestre loco con muchas cosas que hacer. Esto significa que llegó el tiempo de nadar en lagos, coser, broncearme, comer comida saludable (no más comida de cafetería) y relajarme. Lo más importante es que también voy a tener tiempo para actualizar el blog. No más saturarme de compromisos, nunca!

Por mucho que desearía estar caminando en la calles de piedras de Buenos Aires, o visitando a mi familia y comiendo mucho pan de queso en Brasil, supongo que Georgia, USA es bastante decente. Aunque a veces los espacios enormes y la falta de ruido me vuelve loca, creo que todos necesitamos un verano lleno de nada para hacer y pasear con mis perros que persiguen ardillas como locos.

Y así empieza mi verano.

Osita & I
 Louise (my sister)

More posts to come ASAP


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Sunset from up above

IMG_7568 IMG_7569 IMG_7572 IMG_7573


There are few things in life more beautiful than sunsets. I just love watching the different colors in the sky: it’s like a work of art. I collect sunset pictures: at the beach, in the city, in different countries, and last week I had the chance to watch a beautiful sunset on a plane, up in the sky. I was traveling from Atlanta to Miami… I saw this beautiful Florida sunset and I just had to take a picture.

Hope you enjoy them.


Hay pocas cosas en la vida más lindas que los atardeceres. Me encanta ver los distintos colores en el cielo, son como una obra de arte. Colecciono fotos de atardeceres: en la playa, en la ciudad, en distintos países, y la semana pasada tuve la oportunidad de verlo desde un avión, arriba en el cielo. Estaba viajando de Atlanta a Miami y vi este hermoso atardecer y supe que tenía que tomarle una foto.

Espero que les guste.



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Adri’s Top 10 iPhone Apps

I have to admit that I am addicted to my iPhone. It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and it’s the last thing I see right before I go to sleep. I probably couldn’t even wake up if it wasn’t for my phone. It just makes life easier in so many ways. Which is why I made a list of the best iPhone apps, according to me, of course, that I know a normal 20-year-old college student would find useful as well.

1. Instagram: Well obviously, Instagram is my #1 app. I just can’t seem to get enough of vintage-looking photographs. It’s so entertaining! I spend hours looking at pictures. It literally changes your life.

2. Twitter: For a social media junkie like myself, Twitter is a MUST. Though I don’t use it as much as Instagram it’s essential when you want to know what’s happening around the world.

3. Song Pop: When I had a 2005 iPod, I used to play this game called “Music Quiz” over and over. Well, Song Pop is SO much better! For music lovers and for everyone -it can help you discover new (and old) music.

4. Pixlromatic: Sometimes you want to edit photos but you don’t want the world to see them. Pixlr-o-matic does that for you. It has many cool effects for your pics.

5. Shazam: Shazam is an iPhone essential! How many times have you heard that song on the radio and fell in love but didn’t know the name or who sings it? Shazam to the rescue! It records part of the song and gives you the name and the singer INSTANTLY, how awesome is that?

6. Google Drive: Just because a pen drive is not good enough for me anymore, Google Drive is. I have all my documents everywhere I go, as long as I have internet connection, of course.

7. inClass: This app is great for college students. It keeps track of your classes, teachers, homeworks, tests and projects. You can even set and alarm. You don’t know how many times it saved me by telling me where my classroom was during the first days of school!

8. WordPress: Because, for us, bloggers, inspiration might hit anytime! So you have to be ready and post from your phone. Oh sweet technology.

9. Logos Quiz: I don’t know about you, but last time I played this I spent hours with a few friends -during class (oops)- trying to figure out the logos. Who knew there were so many brands in the world? BEWARE: It’s highly addictive!

10. Draw Something: I just had to save this spot for my favorite game ever. Even though I suck at drawing and I’m kind of re-drawing the words all over again, I love this game and I can’t get enough of it.

These are my favorite iPhone apps…what are some of yours?

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The moon and the sea

I took this picture in Trinidad. It’s a small island in the Caribbean, close to my home country, Venezuela. I was with my cousins and we were staying at a beach house surrounded by nothing but water (and other houses). I spent 2 weeks there and I can honestly say it was the best holiday ever, even though I had no internet or TV or cell phone or ANYTHING! It was so peaceful…just us, the sun and the sea.

This was the night before I left, the moon was so big and shiny I just HAD to take pics of it.



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A piece of Buenos Aires


Since I live in Buenos Aires (and this is were I met my cool friends) I figured I had to show you some pics of this beautiful yet chaotic city. It’s very interesting…it’s a mix of Europe and Latin America. And you can find all kinds of people. By the way, there’s A LOT of people here, which is why it might get chaotic.

Anyway, these are some pictures that I’ve taken…


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Grand Opening

Let me tell you the story of who we are.

We are three girls that came from different parts of the world and joined forces when we met. Joined forces? Yes. We became best friends almost immediately. We share our interests and our some of our passions, but most importantly, we share similar dreams. That’s why we decided to create our own space in the world wide web and call it The Dreams Factory. Because it is what we do: we dream, we share our dreams, and we are working towards making our dreams come true.

Let’s beging with Julie. She is an american-born blonde with brazilian parents. Sounds exotic right? What’s even more exotic is that she has lived in Argentina for most of her life. (By the way, if you were wondering, Argentina is where we met). She is currently living in the United States  (she goes to college in Georgia) and studying International Relations. She’s a very smart blonde. She also has a killer style and very good taste. She likes designing clothes, spending time with her sister and her puppies, and, of course, hanging out with us. I want to make some emphasis on the fact that she likes designing clothes. I mean it! Every week she sends me (you’ll see who I am in a minute) pictures of the beautiful skirts, shirts, and shorts she makes. I always tell her one day we will start her fashion line. And this is something we have in common: WE TOTALLY LOVE ALL THINGS FASHION. Our favorite activity is reading Teen Vogue together and looking at cool blogs.

Then, there’s Jazmin (we call her Jachu). She was born and raised in Argentina, so we often ask her about the Argentine slang. She has a huge family and a lot of friends and she has lived in the same house all her life! Isn’t that cool? Jachu works as a preschool teacher (most adorable job in the world) and everytime I see her, she shows me pictures of her cute 2-year-old students. Let me tell you: she is blonde too, and she has long, thick, straight hair (the kind of hair you would see on Tumblr pictures) and it basically defines her. She is her hair. Also she is very scared that someone will cut it off. Think of the Tangled movie. Jachu has 3 sisters and 1 brother. One of her sisters lives in New York so she often travels to NY. Lucky girl! We share our love for Mac&Cheese and looking at Pinterest and watching Gossip Girl/Mean Girls (well, this is something we all do.)

Now me. My name is Adriana and I’m the writer. I was born in Venezuela but moved to Buenos Aires a few years ago and met these wonderful ladies. Unlike my friends, I’m not blonde. As a matter of fact, I dyed my hair dark brown a couple years ago but now it faded and it’s gone back to its original color, kind of brownish-blondish-reddish. I want you to know that I talk about our hair because it is a common topic when we get together. No big deal. Just to let you know who we are. Anyway, I am studying Journalism here in Argentina and I absolutely love everything about it! I love writing. And music, and chocolate, and photography, and life in general. And I just realized it’s really hard to write about yourself. From my previous paragraphs, you might have noticed that I mentioned my love for Teen Vogue, fashion, Mac&Cheese, and NY. Yeah.
I guess the rest you will have to figure out on your own. By visiting our blog, of course.

I think it’s important that we mention some people who might possibly be our collaborators. The Dreams Factory was Julie’s, Jachu’s and Adri’s idea, but there are more girls in our close circle that are possibly going to appear here eventually.
Sofia. She is the fourth member of the Sisterhood (as we call it) and she is living in Missouri. I think it’s Missouri anyway. She is very artsy and philosophical so she might have something to say on here.

Louise. She is Julie’s little sister. She’s always with us. So I assume I’d introduce her so you know who she is. She’ll probably work as a model for Julie’s designs, even if you don’t see her face.

Olivia. She used to be part of our group of friends but she moved to the States and we haven’t seen each other in a while. Except for Julie. Olivia is an amazing artist and photographer and she said she would like to collaborate.

And this is our team! We are happy to introduce them and we are happy to finally be launching The Dreams Factory, we’ve been talking about it for a while.
We hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to comment.

Much love, peace, and good things.

The Dream Team

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