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Romping About

This post is all about rompers and the latest product of the someday Julie fashion industry.


Yayy, yes, another sewing project. For those of you who are familiar with sewing, i used a dress pattern for the top part, but switched the skirt with shorts. Often times, i draw my own patterns, but i just loved the pattern for the top and had to use it!
Thats thing about sewing, you can make it however you want. Switch the sleeves, change the mini skirt for a maxi skirt, or anything at all! Never forget to be creative and add your own touch to anything you make.

For anyone who wants to sew but doesn’t know where to start, try following a pattern for something simple like an a-line skirt, then move on to more difficult things. This is a great way to learn on your own, and soon enough you’ll be so familiar with the shapes that you can draw your own patterns. The terms are ussually the hardest to understand when first starting to sew, like slip stich, boning or gathering. Luckily, google has all the answers, and if not you can ask me.

Back to rompers,
Rompers are great in the summer. They can be classy and fancy or flowery and flowy or anything at all. The best part is that they are so comfortable!

Enough writting, here’s some pictures!



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