Thursday Brunch

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Ate this delicious waffle with strawberries, bananas and honey at an amazing tea house/cafe called Tea Connection in Buenos Aires. Orange juice and coffee added for the perfect thursday brunch!

Me comí un waffle divino con fresas, bananas y miel en un café/casa de té que se llama Tea Connection, aquí en Buenos Aires. Es una franquicia que hay por toda la ciudad y es BUENISIMA! Jugo de naranja y café para el brunch de jueves perfecto!


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I'm a 20 year old journalism student living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love chocolate, fashion and the beach.
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  1. bigo2 says:

    I’ve worked nithong but customer service related jobs my point is it’s not accurate to simply say the majority of customers are a-holes and only a-holes, since, like I said, we’re all customers at some point. Are you an a-hole? I doubt you’ll say yes. Anyway Yes of course, there some customers who are too stupid & rude to live but there are others who, although may not fall into the green ‘right’ category are still perfectly fine people and shouldn’t be called a-holes.

  2. bigo2 says:

    #59 yes yes fucking YES ..and do you know WHY i reepat the 3 lettered word so much? hmmm?its because True Blood fucking rocks my socks (and im not even wearing any hehehehe) the marathon ended today Lafayette and Terry .nice nice people *hugs self*

  3. bigo2 says:

    It is the gondola in Ocean Park (a theme park in Hong Kong). I have been on it and it is petrty long and impressive. There is also a nice one going up to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island that is nice too.

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